The following genetic maps were generated using the JoinMap 3.0 program (Kyazma B.V., Wageningen, Netherlands). The program analyzed data for 1713 polymorphic markers and placed 1558 of these into 10 large linkage groups. These LOD 10 Linkage Groups are displayed on the subsequent pages. The JoinMap program placed an additional 74 markers into 6 small linkage clusters, A-F (averaging 12 markers each). These clusters were not associated with the primary linkage groups at a LOD score of 10.0 and are listed separately.

All Linkage Groups and Clusters are preliminary and should be interpreted with caution, particularly when comparing them to physical maps or sequence assemblies. Do not assume the order of the markers is absolute. As additional markers are added to the map, expect some fluctuation in marker order. Some markers (particularly the end markers) may even change Linkage Groups. We have listed the linkage groups as 1-10; however, we wish to emphasize that these groups are preliminary and have not been assigned to or associated with specific chromosomes.

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